Criminal, Vehicle & Traffic and DWI

Let’s face it: we’re all human, and we all make mistakes.  And when you are charged with a misdemeanor, felony, vehicle and traffic infraction or DWI, you need someone with the experience and patience to make sure your rights are protected at every turn.

We have experience in cases from the most minor traffic infractions to felony cases.  As in all other cases we handle, we always treat our clients with respect and we give you the personalized attention your case deserves.  Forethought and research goes into every question you ask us.  Alex Dunshee has experience working in a Prosecutor’s office himself, in the Albany County District Attorney’s Financial Crimes Unit, as well as having been trained by two of the most respected prosecutors in upstate New York.  He knows how to put in the long hours and how to most effectively prepare his clients and his cases for trial.  He places the utmost importance on visiting with and communicating with his incarcerated clients on a frequent basis.  Good criminal representation is based foremost on an attorney’s relationship with his or her client.  Period.

The result of every criminal case, DWI and traffic ticket is a direct reflection on our firm’s reputation.  We will always treat your case with as much care as if it were our own.  You are in good hands with us.